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Data Entry Services

FuriousByte is a top outsourcing company for data entry. As a leading provider of data entry services, FuriousByte has witnessed the influence of brand trust and authentic client experiences. Through a continually growing work culture, we have acquired and retained customers, some for over a decade – by contributing to their development and profitability.

When you outsource data entry to FuriousByte or join our team, you become a member of a group of specialists dedicated to your success. Hire our team to do your data entry, and we’ll use top-notch methods to supercharge your information with less time and effort.

The team at FuriousByte works hard to be the best data entry company in India. We have been in business for a long time and offer excellent service. Our services and solutions for data entry are flexible, scalable, and all-encompassing. They are made to help you be both efficient and excellent simultaneously.

We have a large pool of highly skilled data entry professionals you can count on to be accurate and quick. Our data entry experts use the double-keying method to ensure that the data they send to clients worldwide is correct and up-to-date. Our Quality Assurance team also checks to ensure that 99.99 per cent of the information is correct.

As a well-known data entry company, we offer custom data entry outsourcing services to all types of businesses that are made to fit their needs and goals. We can convert handwritten or machine-printed papers into digital files. Our quality assurance team conducts rigorous sample checks to guarantee that the data entered is accurate.

Key Benefits of FuriousByte Data Entry Services

  • Get information from a wide range of documents quickly and easily.
  • Get data in less time and with more accuracy.
  • Sort complicated, multi-layered data with standard quality
  • Generate generic data reports
  • Simplified data verification
  • Online Data Entry

    FuriousByte is a firm that specialises in Online Data Entry Services. We are known for providing clients with accurate, high-quality, and timely data entry services. You may need to outsource online data entry services like filling out online forms, entering data into an online database, CRM, inputting data into online database tool, FTP, adding products to an eCommerce portal, etc.

    We offer online data entry outsource services to small and medium-sized businesses and individuals in many domains and industries, such as real estate, eCommerce, legal, education, corporate, etc. Our company has experts in data entry who can guarantee high quality, high security, and accurate online data entry services.

    FuriousByte uses adequate workflow to process online data entry services. All of our data entry services are being done by a team of experienced data entry specialists, and the quality control is being done by a separate quality assurance team. When you outsource online data entry services to India, you would be amazed to save your adequate amount of time and operations money.


    Offline Data Entry


    Every company that desires to grow needs to manage its data correctly. Keeping data up to date involves several steps, such as collecting, sorting, converting, and adding it to a structured format. Similarly, offline data entry outsource service involves form filling, data entry for survey forms, tax forms, printed listed, hand written documents or invoices into the customized and pre-defined templates.

    Choosing FuriousByte as your partner for offline data entry outsource services, you get to work with a leader in the field. Since we have been the leader in offline data services for many years, we use a detailed workflow to ensure that our offered services have an utmost quality which makes our clients to create good customer profiles to stay ahead in the competition. You can quickly access the best skill sets when you work with us and work directly with your remote resources.

    Businesses of all sizes can get the most offline data entry services from FuriousByte. Whether you are a small business owner or a big company, our highly scalable and flexible outsourcing model is made so that you can get customised services quickly.

    E book Data Entry

    Suppose you’re wondering how to turn so much information into eBooks cost-effectively. If you run a business that may or may not have anything to do with books, you will have written or scanned content that needs to be turned into eBooks. In that case, the answer is to outsource book data entry work in India to a company like FuriousByte, which has experience providing data entry services.

    Outsourcing eBook data entry to a qualified data entry service provider can save you money and time that you can arrange to good use in your own business. We have been offering data entry services for a long time to clients from all over India in different file formats such as PDF, HTML, TIFF, etc. Our company makes it easy for you to get in touch with professional data entry operators who can help you with your book data entry work.

    By outsourcing eBook data entry services to us, you don’t have to train employees or spend money on your business’s infrastructure, tools, or equipment. We have a strong team of data entry experts who know enough about the business and the technical side of things to give you a competitive edge.We can turn your handwritten papers, old books, articles, research papers, registers, and scanned documents into ebooks if you choose us as your outsourcing partner. We give you the formats you want based on what you need.


    Excel Data Entry


    Data Entry and Data Conversion into MS Excel, its user to make such a professional database record of their essential Database. With MS Excel, it’s easy to make database records for processing their extensive Database of information about many different companies. FuriousByte can use OCR to convert PDF to excel Database to handle both manual and automated data entry to get accurate results quickly.

    For Excel data entry services to work well, a service provider needs to organize the data from each business so that their management and financial processes can run smoothly. Focused on business, you can outsource premium excel data entry services by changing the computer’s excel sheets to make it easier to use shortcuts like dragging, copying, and pasting to get data from web pages and other file types like PDF JPEG and TIF.

    OCR technology is used by systems that move data from PDF to Excel. Some programmes use other data extraction methods, but OCR has been the most effective way to get data from PDF files into Excel spreadsheets.

    FuriousByte is excellent at using Excel and knows a lot about its shortcuts, macros, pivot tables, and custom formulas. In Excel sheets, we can handle all kinds of data, whether organized or not, simple or complicated, big or small.

    PDF Data Entry

    PDF data entry services have become the most organized and essential thing to do. PDF files have made it more complex and time-consuming to look for and get information. To make your PDF documents editable, searchable, and valuable in the right ways, outsource your PDF data entry and PDF form entry projects to us. We’ll give the data from your PDF documents to express typists, computer operators, and skilled report formatters.

    We spent much time at FuriousByte entering and capturing data from PDF conversion services. Since a long time ago, we have been helping a wide range of businesses, such as real estate, eCommerce, manufacturing, healthcare, financial, banking, job portals, and so on. For PDF data entry services, our company in India uses a set method and has a strong team of data entry operators.

    When FuriousByte knows what your PDF data entry needs are, we do PDF to Excel or PDF to Word data entry work with high accuracy and quality by using the best tools that set new trends.


    Image Data Entry


    As a well-known image data entry service, we have much experience with a wide range of image capturing technologies and formats. Data captured can be put into any format, such as a database or a spreadsheet. When needed, the FuriousByte image data entry team can do essential tasks like validating and organizing the data. No matter the image sources, we will use image capture technology to get the image and the data in it.

    The information in the image catalogue and brochures is essential to share with stakeholders and partners to make better decisions. As one of the best firms that present image data entry services, we offer image data entry that can handle any problems that come up during the process to make the work more sustainable and forward-looking.

    We have qualified resources for image data entry services that can make creating database files from images easier while keeping important information from the images. We use the latest automated text extraction tools like OCR, IDR, and ICR, template-based intelligent data retrieval, bar code recognition, and manual double-key data entry, to get accurate and complete data from scanned images.

    After extracting online and offline image data, we divide it into groups based on format, meta-data, information size, and usefulness. This makes the data more accessible for users, more accurate, and easier to use.

    PDF Conversion Outsourcing

    FuriousByte provides PDF conversion services to clients all over India at affordable prices. We can help if you need more help converting data, don’t have enough resources for managing data, or need more expertise.

    We can help you make files in PDF format, one of the most popular ways to share files online. We can make high-quality PDF files from almost any source file, including GIF, TIFF, HTML, RTF, and JPEG. This includes all kinds of Microsoft Office files and hard copy documents like books, brochures, reports, and marketing materials. We can also change PDF files into several other formats. At FuriousByte, we help businesses around the world turn files in any format into high-quality PDFs so that they can share information electronically on the Web.

    At FuriousByte, you can expect to get reports on how your project is going and talk to people all the time. We use ISO quality standards to make high-quality PDF files that don’t cost too much. Once you’ve finished the scope of work assessment, you can ship your documents to FuriousByte or send them electronically using a secure File Transfer Protocol. You can get accurate PDF conversions done quickly and within the timeframes, you agree to. You will work with qualified teams, have years of experience in data management services, and know how to convert PDFs. With affordable conversion rates, you can avoid making extra investments in infrastructure, software, or resources.

    We can protect your valuable data with top-notch security measures like Non-Disclosure Agreements, Virtual Private Networks, and General Data Privacy Regulations.


    Invoice Data Entry


    Processing bills is tedious and takes much time. FuriousByte is a trusted outsourcing partner that can help your business save time, money, and trouble by taking care of invoice data entry, invoice processing, and other related tasks. When you have to deal with many invoices, vouchers, transport orders, proofs of delivery, bills, purchase orders, etc., in hard copy, scanned, or faxed formats, our invoice data entry solutions make your business more efficient. Our group of professionals can bear even the most complex data entry and processing jobs, like entering data for accounts payable and processing paper and electronic invoices. We will support you in maintaining track of your books in the back office and give you customized solutions for managing invoices. We can handle electronic invoices sent over the internet and paper invoices. We will help you get faster and more efficient without letting you down on accuracy.

    As part of our services for processing invoices, we will find new information that can help your business. Extracting relevant data from dissimilar documents takes substantial physical effort. Because documents come from so many different places, making a standard template for storing their information is challenging. Standardizing data templates is a problem that can’t be solved by OCR or automated tools alone. Also, OCR technologies might not be able to read handwritten documents very well. Outsourcing invoice forms’ processing to us helps solve the problem by combining manual work with the most up-to-date technology. We will help you make a database that is easy to search and pull out, which will help your business in many ways.

    Our invoice data entry solutions services collect information like Purchase Order Number, Date of Invoice, Number of Units, Product Description, Amount, Tax Payment (GST/VAT), Shipping/Delivery Dates, Name and Contact Details of Buyer and Seller.

    Volume Data Entry

    FuriousByte’s Volume data entry services include online and offline data entry from any digital format or handwritten document. We are a top outsourcing company for data entry. We have a big pool of favourably skilled data entry professionals you can count on to be accurate and quick. Our flexible delivery model and e-commerce data entry services give you an edge over competitors. Our data entry experts use the double-keying method to ensure that the data they send to clients worldwide is correct and up-to-date.

    As a well-known data entry company, we offer volume data entry outsourcing services to all types of businesses that are made to fit their needs and goals. We can take handwritten or machine-printed documents and turn them into digital files using OCR and ICR software.

    When you outsource data entry services to FuriousByte, we become an extension of your team and help with your core services in your time zone. Our QA team does rigorous random sampling tests to ensure that the data entered is correct. So that our system doesn’t store any data locally, we get the raw data through a secure Virtual Private Network (VPN) or File Transfer Protocol (FTP).


    Data Capture Services


    Collecting, organizing, structuring, interpreting, and storing data in an electronic format is called data capture. Data capture services are utilized by businesses so that the physical data may be converted into an electronic format and so that the data can be efficiently organized and managed.

    FuriousByte, an early innovator in the outsourcing field, possesses remarkable expertise in providing data capture services. We have set ourselves as a market head in delivering data capture solutions because of our many years of knowledge and competence in the field. At FuriousByte, a typical data capture process includes electronic data collection using scanning techniques such as optical character recognition and radio frequency identification; image deskew, data processing, data analysis, and data storage; and finally, image enhancement.

    Do you require the services of a skilled team to gather data for your company? Are you interested in converting your audio files, videos, or handwritten documents into data formats that can be easily read and understood?

    FuriousByte is an industry leader in every aspect of data capture, including but not limited to the transformation of paper documents to digital images, document imaging services, and data processing services. We transform external data formats such as text, images, audio, and video using cutting-edge technology to produce your chosen output formats.

    Bookkeeping Services

    FuriousByte offers personalized and professional online accounting services covering all bookkeeping aspects. Customers can choose what they need. We act as our customers’ “virtual back office” for all their bookkeeping needs, including set-up, support, maintenance, and accounting advice. FuriousByte’s customized bookkeeping services can help you save money on costs if you send your services to India.

    FuriousByte knows how to use the most popular accounting programmes, like ZohoBooks, QuickBooks, Quicken, Peachtree, Sage Accounting, MYOB, Business Vision, Simply Accounting, and CaseWare. FuriousByte has a team of dedicated, well-trained accountants and professionals who can quickly adapt to the software and processes that customers want while ensuring that work is done quickly and to high standards.

    One size does not fit all! At FuriousByte, our bookkeeping services are made to fit your needs precisely. Unlike most of our competitors, we know the difference between bookkeepers and accountants, and we tailor our services to your organization’s goals. We have a broad spectrum of skills, so you can put together a package that meets the needs of your business.


    Excel to Word Data Services


    Microsoft Word is beneficial for making documents in various formats and styles used in business. Outsourcing word data processing services would be the best way to get the most out of Microsoft Word. It will save you time and funds and release your staff to work on the most critical parts of your business.

    FuriousByte offers data processing services that are easy to use and of high quality. Word data processing turns raw data into information and output that can be used easily. This is an essential source of information for businesses. We’re one of the best places to get data processing services at the best prices in the industry. We help you save money on operational costs overall without sacrificing quality.

    By outsourcing to FuriousByte, you get the help of a team with a lot of experience and knowledge and the most up-to-date technology, ensuring that the work is done with high accuracy. We provide consistent customer service and make sure your information is kept private. This gives you the time and peace of mind to focus on tasks that bring in money. Call our friendly team to get started in a few easy steps and make using word processing services more accessible than ever.

    Restaurant Menu DataEntry

    Online food delivery services have become very popular in recent years. They let people choose from a wide range of cuisines and food types without leaving their homes. With the help of our restaurant menu entry services, you can not only get an online menu up and running, but you can also keep it regularly updated with the information you need for better business growth and customer satisfaction.

    FuriousByte expert team has set up a specific way to do all of our data entry services, which makes the outsourcing restaurant menu entry services task easy for both parties.

    Our team of menu data entry services for restaurants are well-trained and can handle any menu digitization project in a resourceful way. The customer sends us the files in any format they can, such as PDFs, scanned files, images, eFax, and so on, through messages or FTP. Our QC team ensures that the results meet your standards, including correct spelling, capitalization, updated prices, times, food specials, and so on, all in the correct order.